Out Placements

Ross Warner's Outplacement services include:

Candidate Management
Ross Warner gathers the preferences and capabilities of affected employees through direct interaction and provides dedicated phone numbers of our outplacement consultants to enable access, address concerns, and respond to queries at different locations. Ross Warner also offers resume writing services, interview coaching and compensation advice as part of outplacement services for the interviews of notified employees and their career development.

Employment Opportunities
Ross Warner outplacement consultants will conduct focused campaigns to find appropriate career opportunities with Ross Warner active clients as well as other organizations. These opportunities are for the affected employees on the basis of their skills, preferences and constraints.

Counseling Services
Ross Warner understands the unique requirements of every affected employee. Our expert outplacement consultants with the expertise in various domains will be available to candidates at all times to respond to queries and address concerns regarding career moves and job opportunities. Apart from career counseling, these experienced counselors will provide support to enable the candidates to have a smooth transition into their new positions.

The Preferred Partner Program
Ross Warner Consulting announces the launch of the Preferred Partner Program with the primary objective of giving partner companies immediate access to the right resources through a single window. The Partnering company will have the first right of access to the affected talent pool at absolutely NO COST

The recent global economic situation has resulted in increased uncertainty which has led to teams being downsized and several employees being notified by companies across the globe and India has been no exception. Ross Warner has been providing a variety of services to assist companies and notified employees in such situations – these services include Outplacement Services, Executive Career Counseling (specifically for Senior Executives) and a variety of other Transition services.

Ross Warner believes that during these times there would be a large set of companies who would want to join hands in providing employment opportunities to this affected talent pool. HiRePro takes this initiative of channelizing the movement of these resources in the right direction in order to reduce the partner’s time and effort in reaching out to the relevant resources. This process is facilitated through various services that result in understanding the priorities and preferences of the affected talent pool.

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